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Dusk-to-dawn lights are available to all Scenic Rivers Energy Cooperative (SREC) members, subject to the established rules and regulations of the Cooperative.  We rent to our members dusk-to-dawn, automatically-controlled 74-watt LED lights.

Lights are normally installed on existing poles where electric service is available.  No member-owned lights are allowed on SREC primary poles, which include transformer poles.  When renting a light, it must be installed on a pole that SREC determines is safe and easily accessible.  We will not install lights on buildings or other structures.

SREC rents 74-watt LED lights to our members for a monthly fee of $0.43/day plus tax (subject to change). 

The rental fee includes the installation and all maintenance of the light as well as the energy used by the light.  Please notify SREC when the rental light is not working properly.  Our line crew will repair the light in a timely manner, as SREC must handle power line maintenance and repairs first. 

In requesting the rental of a 74-watt dusk-to-dawn light, a SREC member agrees to pay for the service for a minimum of one year. Should the member choose to have the light removed within the first twelve months, one full year of service will be paid in order to help cover the installation, maintenance, and retirement costs incurred by SREC. 

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