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Service Rules

Service Rules

The following information, detailing the rules and regulations of Scenic Rivers Energy Cooperative (SREC) concerning electric service installations, is published for the convenience of SREC’s members and their architects and contractors. These rules are in addition to the Wisconsin Administrative Code, the National Electrical Code (NEC), National Electric Safety Code (NESC), and any other regulations that may apply. SREC reserves the right to make revisions to these rules whenever changes in the article, legal requirements, or other circumstances make it advisable. These rules are intended for standard equipment installations. When, because of physical limitations of the premises, it is impractical to follow them, SREC shall be consulted for permissible modifications. The information contained herein does not specifically cover the requirements of SREC’s rate schedules, line extension policy, or general rules. All rules, policies, and pricing are subject to change at any time. SREC shall be consulted for information concerning these matters.

SREC may refuse or discontinue service if a member does not comply with these rules; however, the member will first be notified and afforded reasonable opportunity to comply. Service may be discontinued without prior notice when dangerous conditions exist on the member’s premises.


Click here for the current Service Rules Booklet. The attachments below are just sections of the Service Rule booklet.

Attachment Size
New Member Application 39.88 KB
Service Checklist 21.05 KB
Service Data Form 208.39 KB
Wiring Statement/Certificate of Electric Inspection 114.71 KB
Application - Dusk to Dawn Light 42.28 KB
FAQ's for Dusk to Dawn Lights 15.54 KB
Guides for New Metering 925.12 KB
List of Electrical Inspectors (Grant-Crawford-Lafayette) 51.1 KB
Overhead Conductor Clearances 634.1 KB
Right-of-Way Specifications 319.63 KB
Approved Equipment List 21.2 KB
Service Rule Booklet 2.06 MB
Easement Form 632.08 KB
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