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SREC Policies

A responsibility of a director is approving the policies that govern the Cooperative. You will find our approved service policies attached below. If you have any questions, please contact our office at 800-236-2141 or 608-723-2121.

Attachment Size
Service Policy Index 8.87 KB
Glossary 8.31 KB
S.1 Application for Membership 29.43 KB
S.2 Members Responsibility 65.6 KB
S.3 Electric Right-of-Way and Easements 70.72 KB
S.4 Right-of-Way Clearing 38.66 KB
S.5 Members Wiring and Equipment 65.29 KB
S.6 Line Extensions 81.34 KB
S.7 Single Phase Service Extensions to Subdivisions 65.71 KB
S.8 Service Upgrade 60.85 KB
S.9 Meter Installation 36.66 KB
S.10 Meter Testing 38.92 KB
S.11 Service Characteristics-Specifications and Recommendations 1.44 MB
S.12 Neutral to Earth Voltages 38.06 KB
S.13 Non Standard Service Policy - Neutral Isolation 36.74 KB
S.14 Billing and Collection 62.16 KB
S.15 Billing Deposit 59.63 KB
S.16 Reconnection of Disconnected-Delinquent Accounts 35.07 KB
S.17 Moving Structures or Equipment through Cooperative Lines 35.75 KB
S.18 Services Offered 37.72 KB
S.19 Dual Fuel - Interruptible Heat - Storage heat 37.85 KB
S.20 Electric Storage Water Heater Regular Rate Maintenance and Replacement Program 37.97 KB
S.21 Off-Peak Low Temperature Grain Drying 36.05 KB
S.22 Electric Plug-in Hybrid or Full Electric Automobiles 38.01 KB
S.23 Renewable Generation - Distributed Generation 71.61 KB
S.24 Service on Member Outages 12.53 KB
S.25 Single or Three Phase Idle Service 15.59 KB
S.26 AMI Relocation Or Opt-Out 102 KB
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