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Newsletter & Magazine - July 2018

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Job Opening - IT Systems Administrator

IT Systems Administrator


Unclaimed Capital Credits Notice

Pursuant to Wisconsin Statues Section 185.03(10), you are hereby notified that Scenic Rivers Energy Cooperative, of Lancaster, Wisconsin, has in its possession unclaimed funds belonging to you.  You may claim these funds by contacting the Cooperative and furnishing proof of your legal interest in such funds on or before July 31, 2018.  You are further notified that unless you do claim such funds and provide satisfactory evidence of your right to receive the same by July 31, 2018, these funds will be forfeited to the Cooperative.  Published in Newspapers May 31, 2018.

Newsletter & Magazine - June 2018

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Newsletter & Magazine - May 2018

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Newsletter & Magazine - April 2018

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Newsletter & Magazine - March 2018

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Newsletter - March 2018

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Unclaimed Capital Credits - Can you help us?

As you can imagine, maintaining address files is a tremendous undertaking.  Each year, there are many former members for whom we cannot find a current address.  Click here for the list of former members that we are unable to find.

Newsletter & Magazine - February 2018

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